Campeonato Internacional de Tenis para Ciegos 2022 SUSPENDIDO

By | 25 noviembre, 2021
This is an information distributed to all country representatives earlier today - please read!

You have been waiting impatiently for the EC’s decision on the 2022 international blind tennis Championships; it was not an easy one.
After a thorough debate the EC has come to the conclusion that staging an international championship, where people from all continents are involved, is not reliably feasible these days.
While providing COVID testing capacities and taking measures such as keeping distance and having hand sanitizers available is in our hands, the risk that regulations may be modified shortly before or during the tournament, concerning entering the host country and returning home from the host country, is incalculable. For example, suddenly imposed quarantine regulations can cause major financial and organizational inconveniences for both host and participants.
Therefore, another year will have to pass without the unique experience of an International Blind Tennis Championship.

However, the EC will promote and support multi-national tournaments as much as we can.
Having seen the eagerness of players from all over Europe to compete during the friendly tournament in Poland shows that friendly tournaments can be organized across a region successfully.
If a country wishes to host a ranking tournament and can prove that all requirements for having that tournament recognized for international ranking are met, especially with regards to on site player classification and trained volunteers/umpires, than we are ready to review the requirements and include the ranking points in the world ranking without a prior tender.

We hope to see many smaller and larger tournaments with international participation appearing on our communication platforms
(on behalf of the Executive Committee IBTA)


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